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-clever title-

Holy cow, its been forever since I've actually posted something here! I was a senior in high school during my last post and now im going into my sophomore year in college! I blame my laziness..anyways, I just got back from a fantastic trip to Hawaii! It was so amazing! My sister and I went paddle-boarding a few times and we never fell off! The guy who showed us how to paddle board said we were naturals...because you know we practice all the time since there are so many oceans in Arizona. If I have you as a friend on Facebook you can check out my collection of pictures. I might add some to Deviantart too but we shall see.
Im also almost done with my summer courses! Thank goodness! Never again..unless my graduation is in jeopardy. All the homework gets in the way of my sleeping and playing video games..

On another note, you should buy the awesome new Tokio Hotel DVD/CD when it comes out. Since I actually have money I plan on buying it!


I should really update this thing more often.
Anyways, the Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl!! Its freakin amazing! And ComiCon is this weekend, yay! I shall be going as Ruki from the Gazette since I might just freeze in my Harley Quinn outfit. Plus I have no white face makeup. Then I got my copy of Leech on Thursday!!! Its a very awesome single, cant stop listening to it.
My school managed to mess up my schedule when I came back after Christmas break so now I start school at the normal time, lame. But I get out early and can finally drive myself! Hurray for drivers license! Oooo and for Christmas I bought myself a tablet...its much fun^^


No school today! Its nice not having school but tis also..very boring. Sisters at school, dads at work and moms in South Africa. Then tomarrow is pretty lame because they are making us go to school for a stupid late start where classes are only like 29 minutes. They didnt even tell us what the schedule was like seeing that they mixed up the class periods so I had to go dig around and find it. I also have Thursday off..then its almost Halloween!! I miss Disneyland though, wish Fall Break was longer so we could spend like..forever at the parks. I guess my next Disney trip will be Grad Night then maybe after that a family vacation.

So Cold

     So it magically got really cold these past few days. Just so you know cold to me is 80 degrees and below..im such a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Today was the first day back to school after Fall Break. My dad and I went to Disneyland which was awesome! Ive never been to the park around Halloween time so it was something different to see. The Haunted Mansion was turned into the Haunted Mansion Holiday featuring The Nightmare Before Christmas, I love that version of the ride. Ive also never seen the park so empty, it was nice having more room than usual. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel since our usual hotel was full, The Grand Californian. How I love Disneyland..
    School was pretty boring today, like always, cant wait for it to be over....



Vote for my other pictures please^^ I shall love you forever as voting gets me closer to getting scholarship money

Another year...

    First day of school today, oh so exciting. Seeing as my school is so wonderful at doing things on time they told everyone to be there before 7:45 to pick up these stupid neon schedules and dont open the doors untill like 8:10 when school starts at 8:20. Thank goodness this is my last year! I only have four classes this year so I get to sleep in and I have friends in all my classes which rocks.
    I havent posted here for awhile, hmm. The weekend Batman came out I went and saw it with my dad. It was freakin awesome possom, its up there with my favorite movies. I still cant believe Heath is gone. I also saw the Mummy the day it came out. Good movie but it seemed like it went by uber fast. I also saw it again the next day with two of my friends.
    My sister shall be coming back from England next week! Yay^^, I miss my sister so it shall be nice to see her again and hear all her interesting stories from England that she hasnt told us yet.


I have finally completed my AP Government summer homework! -celebrates-
But alas..I still must finish that cursed AP English paper..how I hate writing papers, I suck at writing.
I have about two weeks to write it then im going to Kentucky to visit family then I start school the next week...Why cant summer be longer..but im excited for this year since its my senior year!


Got me a livejournal! Weee.
So, my sister is leaving for England today. I shall miss her. 
I still have summer homework that needs to be done, what a pain.
Cant wait to get out of high school so I dont have to do this stupid summer homework, thank goodness its my last year.